Airports Prove Vital to State Economy

Alaska Airports are key drivers of the state’s economy and an area for growth.  That’s the message of Deputy Commissioner of Aviation Steve Hatter. Hatter was in Fairbanks for a quarterly meeting of the Governor’s Aviation Advisory Board, and also spoke to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.  Alaska is a major stopover for international air carriers.  Anchorage is among the world’s busiest cargo airports and Fairbanks is in the top 100.   Hatter says Alaska is well positioned as a refueling stop.

Hatter says major facility upgrades at Fairbanks and Anchorage airports allow for new growth, beyond just refueling.

Alaska airports are also vital in state.  A new report that looks at 12 Alaska airports, identifies Fairbanks International as a hub for more than 50 communities in Interior and Northern Alaska for freight, mail, and commuter services.  Over 2,100 Fairbanks jobs, 1 in 20 in the community, are attributed to airport related business that totals $261 million in wages, capital project and operating expenditures.

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