Dog Tales In Cyberspace

Would you try out a fenced dog park? Have you ever used doggie day care? Do your dogs chase critters?

These are the kinds of questions that Dog Blog founder Mike Lewis tosses out to get cyber conversations rolling among local dog owners. His Dog Blog, housed on the Anchorage Daily News website, has been a place for heated discussions and some very creative ideas to benefit hounds, large and small.

One of the most common Dog Blog topics was: Where can we go to socialize our dogs? From that question sprang an entire social network of dog meet-ups. Mike created the video above to introduce the  Dog Blog’s current little-dog meetup. Take a look and you’ll see how much fun the tiny four-legged can have.

Mike is adamant that he’s a dog lover, not a dog expert. So Robyn Langlie, a Dog Blog follower who also teaches at two local dog training facilities and belongs to the Scoop the Poop Committee, will be on hand as well.


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HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Mike Lewis, Dog Blog founder
  • Robyn Langlie, dog trainer

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