Cleanup Continues in Sitka’s Eliason Harbor

Photo by Harriet McClain, KCAW - Sitka: Wind gusts peaking at 66 mph lash Sitka's Eliason Harbor on Saturday, November 12, 2011.

The clean-up continued in Sitka’s Eliason Harbor on Tuesday from a weekend storm that packed 60-mile-an-hour winds.

Sitka Deputy Harbormaster Chuck Hackett says two boats sank in the storm – the 30-foot Dancing Girl and the 24-foot Lisa Nicole.

Other problems included a vessel that broke free and beached, one that drug anchor, and several that experienced damage from collisions with the docks as they pitched and rolled with the unusual chop that moved through the harbor.

Hackett says the harbor department went through about 300 feet of extra line in attempts to secure boats. But most impressive, he says, were the scores of people in the harbor who came to each others’ aid.

Attempts were made to raise the sunken vessels today. Hackett says most of the damage was to boats. He says the harbor itself experienced some chafing and a few snapped water lines, but nothing major.

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