Children & Divorce


Divorce is a reality for many families and couples will decide to split for a number of reasons. But no matter the cause, breaking up is hard to do – especially when there are children involved. In this episode we ask: How can parents minimize their child’s suffering when mom and dad are also in pain? Is it possible to successfully co-parent once a divorce is final? What are kids really going through when their parents end the marriage? And, how to share time on the holidays?

Our guests are Christina McGhee, internationally-acclaimed divorce coach and author of Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids; and Al Levy, Anchorage therapist, divorce counselor and child custody investigator.

Plus, adult children of divorced parents tell us what affect their parents’ split had on their lives; we talk family law 101 and let you know where to get legal help in Alaska; and a special report on divorcing when there is domestic violence involved.

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