Biomass Plant Almost Ready To Go Online in North Pole

A new biomass power plant is poised to go on line this month in North Pole. K& K recycling is partnering with United Technologies on the project which will use locally recycled paper, cardboard and wood to fire a generator. K and K owner Bernie Karl says the final pieces of the new plant are coming together.

Karl says United Technologies is sending technicians to North Pole next week to help test the plant, in anticipation of sending power to the grid beginning December 17th.  The biomass plant will provide up to 500 kilowatts per hour to Golden Valley Electric at less than the utility can produce, or buy it for, from other sources.  The facility is also a lynchpin in advancing recycling in the Fairbanks area. K&K already hauls recyclables form the University of Alaska Fairbanks and area military bases, but a deal is nearing completion that will expand that to tap borough transfer stations.

Alaska Waste Chief Operating Officer Jeff Riley says some details still have to be nailed down, but he’s optimistic about the plan.

Alaska Waste is one of several local entities that already collect a variety of recyclables at their own facilities. The Fairbanks Rescue Mission also runs a successful recycling operation, but K&K is the only outfit with a local uses for materials.

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