Conversations That Matter: Teen Suicide in Alaska

Conversations that Matter: Teen Suicide in Alaska

Suicide is difficult to talk about. But often, the conversations most worth having are the hardest to tackle.

Suicide can close us off from one another. It can divide a family and an entire community. And the suicide problem has reached a level of epidemic in Alaska. With Conversations that Matter, we hope to take the first steps toward opening up about suicide by beginning a statewide dialogue on this important issue.


John Baker – 2011 Iditarod Champion, Teck John Baker Youth Leaders Program
J Kate Burkhart – Executive Director, Alaska State Suicide Prevention Council
Tessa Baldwin – High School Student, Statewide Suicide Prevention Council Member
Amanda Murdock – Southcentral Foundation Dee’na Yeets Program

Conversations that Matter: Teen Suicide in Alaska is a coproduction of KAKM and the Alaska Community Foundation.

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