Immunizations in Alaska & Around the World


Getting shots is never a kids’ favorite activity, but we do it to keep everyone well, right? How do immunizations help the individual and the group stay well, and what are the risks of immunizations? Host Shana Sheehy  speaks with Dr. Tom Nighswander, a longtime Alaska doc who also will share his firsthand experience on the impact of vaccination in countries in Africa, and with Laurel Wood, former head of the state’s immunization program who now works with the national Immunization Action Coalition.

Plus, we explore why rural rates of vaccination are higher than in urban Alaska; and we learn about the first-ever malaria vaccine that is currently in trials – and making a huge difference in the lives of Africa’s youth; and meet an Alaskan teacher who is helping his students to help clinics in the Sudan in a new Power of One profile.

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