Board of Game Delays Bear Control Expansion Decision

Alaska’s game board has decided to delay a decision on a controversial plan to expand the use of snares to kill grizzly and black bears as a means of predator control.   Bear snaring is limited to an area on the West side of Cook Inlet. A proposal before the board at the current session had allowed for expansion of the practice to Game Unit 19 A, on the Kuskokwim river.

Supporters of the proposal say it will boost moose populations by removing predators.   But opponents,  told the board during public testimony, that it is not an effective management tool

The panel could reconsider expansion of bear snaring in Game Unit 19A at its March meeting in Fairbanks.

The board of game Tuesday did pass, with amendments, a predator control program for Game Unit 26 B in the Barrow area, which allows for land and shoot killing of brown bears by agents of the state only.

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