Snow, Snow, Snow!

Here in Alaska we are used to snow. I have friends who build elaborate families of snowmen, have plows attached to the front of their trucks and I personally have trained Brodie (our dog) to eat snow in an attempt to keep our back deck clear….seriously he loves the stuff.

But this is getting ridiculous. We are already past our average of 72 inches. Towns like Cordova are buried deep. Nome has to get a Russian tanker to break ice to deliver fuel and they are not sure if even it will get through.

To top it all off, the school district has had only 1 snow day to date.

Today to the south of the city and north in the valley there are blizzard warnings, 28 inches of snow expected. UGH! I love, love, love Alaska. But this much snow on top of so little light is getting to me.

But, alas, I am an optimist. We are gaining about 5 minutes of light a day. I have new cross country skis to enjoy all this snow with. I actually snuck a ski in Sunday and had a great time. It was hard work with the trails not groomed yet, but the beauty and stillness of all the white nestled up against birch and spruce trees was calming and majestic… until Guiness (our other dog) spotted a moose and proceeded to chase her… poor moose.

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Janelle Fey is a first time mom and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys photography and blogs about the challenges and joys of raising a bambino in Alaska. She describes herself as a little crunchy, wildly in love with the great big outdoors and girly enough to like sparkles.

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