New Fuel Prices Set In Nome

Bonanza fuel in Nome has raised prices after last month’s delivery through the ice.  Gas is selling at $5.94 a gallon and diesel at $6.19.  That’s up from $5.43 and $5.93 a gallon.  Sitnasuak Board Chair Jason Evans says the company was waiting until the icebreaker Healy and Russian tanker Renda were safely out of the ice before setting prices.

The slow trip through 400 miles of ice did not have a significant impact on the final bill to Sitnasuak.  Evans says much of the agreement with Vitus Marine was decided before the month-long journey. Even with the unconventional delivery, Evans says Bonanza’s new prices are close to what they expected with a scheduled barge shipment.

The recent weeks of 30 below temperatures have led to Bonanza selling around 30 percent more home heating fuel than during a normal winter.

To meet the higher demand for home heating fuel, Evans says a portion of the 1 million gallons of diesel from the Renda is being sold as heating fuel after being blended with existing inventories.   Even with greater demand, Evans says local inventories should be adequate.

The two vessels involved in the operation are finishing up the extended working season.  The icebreaker Healy arrived in Seattle Sunday morning.  Evans says the Renda is scheduled to arrive in Vladivostok this Friday.

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