Nature: Ocean Giants

Whales and dolphins remain a constant source of fascination. But how much do we really know about them? Whales and dolphins, known as cetaceans, may appear to be totally alien to us — but with their mental ability, group communication and the recent discovery that dolphins have individual names, they are closer to us than we ever imagined. This series provides new insights into the lives of whales and dolphins in a visually powerful, engaging and entertaining format. Two of the world’s top underwater cameramen — Doug Allan (“Planet Earth”’s polar specialist) and Didier Noirot (Cousteau’s front-line cameraman) — film breathtaking encounters. Teams of intrepid scientists equipped with the latest technology are making extraordinary breakthroughs in their understanding of these intelligent life forms — breakthroughs that may safeguard their survival.

  • KAKM: Wednesday, Feb. 22
    • “Giant Lives” @ 7:00pm
    • “Deep Thinkers” @ 8:00pm
    • “Voices of the Sea” @ 9:00pm
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