Game Board Votes Down Bear Snaring Proposal

The state game board voted down a bear snaring proposal before adjourning from a week-long meeting in Fairbanks Friday. The state proposal, which would have allowed black bear trapping in areas of the interior, to reduce predation of moose, was unanimously rejected by the board.  Board Chairman Cliff Judkins says he wants to see the results of ongoing experimental bear snaring programs in 2 other areas before deciding whether to expand the practice.

Judkins says the chance for catching non-target cubs and grizzlies is problematic. He says public safety is also a major concern. The proposal to expand the practice drew major outcry from many Alaskans, who say snaring is inhumane, unethical and not backed up by science.  The Alaska Center for the Environment issued an anti-snaring petition signed by over 3,300 people at the start of the game board meeting in Fairbanks.

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