Open Projector Night 5 at Bear Tooth

The Alaska Film Forum, in partnership with Out North Contemporary Art House, proudly presents Open Projector Night 5 (OPN), a showcase of work by local filmmakers throughout South Central Alaska. The event will take place at the Bear Tooth Theater on March 15th with a meet and greet starting at 9:00pm and screening at 10:30pm.

The format is the same as an open mic night; filmmakers will submit a short film or clip of their work on March 14th and programming slots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Member of the Alaska Film Forum will be taking DVD and Blu-Ray submissions at Bear Tooth from 11am-7pm on March 14th.

To attend:
Tickets for the event will be $5 for general admission. Advance tickets are available online at Meet and Greet begins Thursday at 9pm, screening starts at 10:30pm.

To submit a film:
Bring your DVD or Blu-Ray to Beartooth from 11am-7pm on Wednesday, March 14.

If you haven’t been to an Open Projector Night, here’s a short teaser:

Open Projector Night 4 from Tri-Seven Pictures on Vimeo.

OPN 5 is a Bear Tooth Theatrepub, Royal Printing, Alaska Distillery, and the Alaska Filmmakers Series (AKF) sponsor the event.

The first OPN was held in January of 2011 with only a hand full of local filmmakers in attendance. The event then grew into four house packed events held throughout the year at venues like Out North, Steve’s Sport Bar, and the Snow Goose Theatre. A Best of OPN screen was also held as part of the 2011 Anchorage International film Festival.

Open Projector Night brings together an increasing number of local filmmakers and has featured a wide array of original stories produced here in Alaska.

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