Supreme Court Hears Arguments Challenging Redistricting Plan

The Alaska Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a challenge to districts outlined by the Alaska Redistricting Board last year.   Attorneys for the Redistricting Board are appealing part of a lower court judge’s ruling that rejected the lines for districts 1, 2,  37 and 38.

Arguments today centered on Alaska Native voting rights in light of the federal Voting Rights Act and implications to the Alaska Constitution.   Attorney  Mike Wallarai represented plaintiffs from Ester and Goldstream, who are fighting being included in a Yukon River district.

Michael White, arguing for the state Redistricting Board, said the Board’s charge to ensure proportional voter representation was difficult in light of Alaska Native migration to urban areas in recent years

The Justices took the matter under advisement.

A decision in the case could come  in about  ten days.  By law, a decision is due sixty days  before the filing deadline for candidates.

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