APTI Proposed Bylaw Revision

The APTI Board of Directors proposes to repeal and replace the Bylaws of the Corporation.

The new Bylaws, among other changes, consolidate membership classes into one, establish a Community Advisory Council for KSKA and KAKM, establish and define the powers of an Alaska Public Radio Network Advisory Council, and establish designated directorships on the Board of Directors. These designated directorships shall be elected from Southeast, Gulf Coast/Southwest, and Interior/Northern regions of Alaska; a fourth director shall be chosen by the APRN Advisory Council.

The Board of Directors proposes to repeal the current Bylaws at its annual meeting May 24, 2012, and replace them with new Bylaws on the same day.

Click here to download the current Bylaws.

Click here to download the proposed Bylaws.

The current and proposed Bylaws are also available for inspection at APTI offices, 3877 University Drive, Anchorage, AK.