City Report Forecasts Housing Shortage Over Next 20 years

The Quest for Affordable Homes in Anchorage
Samples of compact housing case studies found in the Municipality's March report forecasting a shortage

Checked rents lately? In the market for a home? What you find in Anchorage neighborhoods delivers some serious sticker shock.

A 2012 United Way report on Anchorage housing cites “a substantial gap between the average housing price and what many people earn.”

According to the report, while the cost of a single family home jumped 55 percent in the last decade, median family incomes lagged at 39 percent. Rents on two-bedroom apartments rose 58 percent.

Cashiers, retail salespersons and fast-food workers were Anchorage’s three largest occupation groups in 2010, averaging an annual salary of $25,000 a year. But the average price of a house in 2011 was $323,768; for a condo – $201,548; and rent on a two-bedroom apartment was $1,241.

The numbers just don’t work.

A new report released in March by the Municipality – relying on analysis from the McDowell Group and ECONorthwest – forecasts a serious shortage of affordable housing in Anchorage over the next 20 years.

Join our housing discussion to hear different perspectives on the problem, and ways of thinking about some solutions.


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  • Karen Iverson, senior planner, Municipality
  • Andre Spinelli, builder, Spinell Homes
  • Tyler Robinson, development finance manager, Cook Inlet Housing Authority


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