Redistricting Board Chairman Says Fair Plan In Place For Year’s Elections

The chairman of the state’s Redistricting Board says that although there’s still not a final plan on the books yet, voters have a fair plan ready for this year’s elections.   John Torgerson of Soldotna told the Juneau Chamber of Commerce Thursday that the plan waiting for final approval from the Courts and U.S. Justice Department,  reflected the most open, non-partisan process possible.  He credited computers and emails with engaging the public in the new plan’s creation.

Torgerson said it was impossible to avoid the atmosphere of winners and losers as the elections districts were coming together. However, he said, the board was limited in what it was allowed to do – by both state and federal law and oversight.

Torgerson says there is still a chance some issues could require a major overhaul of the plan before 2014.

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