Alaska Filmmakers: Patrick Race

In the final episode of the second season of Alaska Filmmakers, host Joshua Lowman sits down with Juneau-based filmmaker Patrick Race.

Patrick is one of the founding members of the Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society (J.U.M.P) and the production group known as AK Robotics.

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“Alaska Filmmakers” is a program dedicated to highlighting the various talented individuals in Alaska Film Industry. A series for filmmakers, by filmmakers, about filmmakers. Our hosts sit down with local independent filmmakers and productions groups to talk about what inspired them to become involved in the production industry. Exploring the various challenges and triumphs of Alaska’s storytellers, and how they are working together to help sustain the state’s film industry. Created by a small group of local artists who have all worked with one another at some point in their careers. Pulling all their resources, each member of the crew has brought their own experiences and unique style to the program.