Inner Compass

The fifth season of the interview series exploring how people make their decisions about an ethical, religious, or social justice issue. Guests include authors, activists, religious leaders, and other engaging thinkers from around the world. Without asking beforehand about guests’ religious background, the two alternating hosts openly explore the values and motivations of their guests’ life work. Episodes cover areas such as Arab Spring, Christianity, working environments, social media, activism, organic farming, heaven, hip hop, and education strategies.

This week, Anglican bishop N. T. Wright, who has written over 50 books on understanding New Testament Scriptures and who Newsweek calls “the world’s leading New Testament scholar,” discusses his conclusions about what the Bible says about heaven, hell, and what he calls life after life after death. Karen Saupe hosts.

  • TV: Rethinking Life After Death -Monday, 7/09 at 11pm
  • TV: The Soul of Hip Hop – Monday, 7/16 at 11 pm
  • TV: Healthier Healthcare Environments – Monday, 7/23 at 11 pm
  • TV: Arab Spring: Revolution or Reformation? – Monday, 7/29 at 11 pm