RUNNING: Thursday, August 23

Republican candidates for Senate District J Liz Vazquez (left) and Bob Bell (center) talk with Running moderator Michael Carey. Photo by Josh Edge, APRN - Anchorage

Host Michael Carey moderates a discussion with the candidates running for legislature in the Alaska Primary Election on August 28, 2012. Daysha Eaton joins as panelist.

Tune in on KSKA FM 91.1 or Alaska Public Television. Times listed below are approximate.

7:00 PM Senate J, House 19, House 20

West Anchorage, Sand Lake
Senate J: Bob Bell [R], Liz Vazquez [R], Hollis French [D]
House 19: Anand Dubey [R], Lindsey Holmes [D]
House 20: Mia Costello [R], Tamara Von Gemmingen [R], Michelle Scannell [D]

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8:00 PM House 21, House 22 (Senate K)

South Anchorage
House 21: Craig Johnson* [R], Jodie Dominguez [D]
House 22: Lisa Vaught [R], Chris Tuck [D]

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8:10 PM Senate L, House 23, House 24

South Anchorage
Senate L: Kevin Meyer [R], Jacob Hale* [D]
House 23: Bob Lynn [R], Lupe Marroquin [D]
House 24: Charisse Millet* [R], Patti Higgins [D]

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8:20 PM Senate M, House 25, House 26

Eagle River
Senate M: Anna Fairclough [R], Harry Crawford [D], Bettye Davis [D]
House 25: Lance Pruitt [R], Lynette Moreno Hinz [D], Pete Petersen [ D]
House 26: Lora Reinbold [R], Kim Skipper [R], Larry Wood [R], Roberta Goughnour [D]

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10:00 PM Senate N, House 27, House 28

South Anchorage, North Kenai
Senate N: Cathy Giessel [R], Joe Arness [R]
House 27: Mike Hawker* [R]
House 28: Mike Chenault* [R]

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*Candidates did not appear for taping

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