On Story: Based on a True Story

Austin Film Festival’s On Story is a half-hour series that gives a behind the scenes look at the creative process of the country’s most beloved movies and TV shows. The show is a mash-up of footage of screenwriter and filmmakers discussing their craft and films. Each episode is thematically paired with one or two short films, with an introduction from the film’s writer or director.

The challenges of making true life stories compelling on the screen are discussed by The Fighter‘s Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Scott Silver, Academy Award-nominated scribe Nicholas Kazan, Pamela Gray, Academy Award-winner Ron Howard and the team behind Apollo 13.

  • TV: Ron Howard, Scott Silver, and Nicholas Kazan – Tuesday, 8/07 at 11 pm
  • TV: Hart Hanson and Rob Thomas – Tuesday, 8/14 at 11 pm
  • TV: John Lasseter and Caroline Thomas – Tuesday, 8/21 at 11 pm
  • TV: Ted Tally – Tuesday, 8/28 at 11 pm