Double Shooting Near Kiana Under Investigation

A double shooting near Kiana is under investigation.  Alaska authorities say two men were shot Tuesday night in an altercation at a cabin 40 miles upriver from the village of Kiana. Alaska State Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters says the trouble began when the two hunters stopped at a remote cabin.

Peters says Troopers responded to the scene at daylight Wednesday morning, taking the two injured men to a waiting medevac flight in Kiana then transporting them to hospitals in Kotzebue and in Anchorage. She says no further information is being released on the victims.  Peters could not say how Troopers were alerted to the shootings.

Peters says there is no current I.D. on the suspect.

According to Village Public Safety Officer Richard Eunice, one of the men was shot in the chest and the other was shot in the arm. The village is in lockdown because of the incident.

Peters would not release the names of the victims or comment on their medical status. She says Troopers do not know if the suspect is still on the river or not.

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