Alaska Health Care Leaders To Exchange Ideas on Industry Reform

Alaska’s Health care leaders will exchange ideas on industry reform at a one day conference Thursday in Anchorage. With full implementation of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act coming in just over a year, there is no shortage of topics to discuss. The conference is called State of Reform and it’s hosted by consultant DJ Wilson. He says Alaska needs a forum to talk about the major health care changes that are coming with the new law.

“We work in six or seven different states and the thing I see everywhere is general anxiety about the change that’s coming what’s unique in Alaska is the dearth of information about that change,” Wilson said.

The first Anchorage State of Reform conference was held last September.  This year, Wilson is focusing the agenda on finding solutions to health care issues like the high cost of care. Doctors, insurance executives, state politicians and others in the industry will all offer their ideas.

Conference sessions will tackle a range of topics from innovative health care models to what Alaska’s federally run health insurance exchange might look like.  The conference starts at 8:30 a.m. Thursday in downtown Anchorage.

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