RUNNING: Thursday, Nov. 1

House 22 candidates Lisa Vaught and Chris Tuck in the TV Studio. Photo by Kristin Spack.

Michael Carey and Daysha Eaton host candidates running for Alaska legislature on November 6, 2012.

Tune in on KSKA FM 91.1 or Alaska Public Television. Times listed are approximate and will vary slightly between radio and TV.

7:00 PM Senate J, House 19, House 20
West Anchorage, Sand Lake

  • Senate J: Bob Bell [R], Hollis French [D]
  • House 19: Anand Dubey [R], Lindsey Holmes [D]
  • House 20: Mia Costello [R], Michelle Scannell [D]

8:30 PM Senate K, House 21, House 22
South Anchorage

  • Senate K: Lesil McGuire [R], Roselynn Cacy [D]
  • House 21: Craig Johnson [R], Jodie Dominguez [D]
    House 22: Lisa Vaught [R], Chris Tuck [D]


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