RUNNING: Wednesday, Oct. 31

Michael Carey and Daysha Eaton host candidates running for Alaska legislature on November 6, 2012.

Tune in on KSKA FM 91.1 or Alaska Public Television. Times listed are approximate and will vary slightly between radio and TV.

7:00 PM Senate H, House 15, House 16
Midtown, Spenard

  • Senate H: Don Smith [R], Berta Gardner [D]
  • House 15: Dick Traini [R], Andrew Josephson [D]
  • House 16: Jimmy Crawford [R], Harriet Drummond [D], Phil Isley [non-affiliated], Tracy Shaffer [R] write-in


8:30 PM House 17, House 18
Mountain View, Downtown Anchorage

  • House 17: Cean Stevens [R], Geran Tarr [D]
  • House 18: Cris Eichenlaub, Jr., [R], Les Gara [D]


*Senate I candidates Paul Kendall [R] and Johnny Ellis [D] did not participate in Running.

Audio will be posted following broadcast.

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