Harnessing Electrical Energy in the Potato Garden

During the last 35 years of living and planting potatoes on Dinglishna Hill, I have found two important sources of a well-controlled flow of electrical energy that power and govern the growth of my potatoes.

The first well-controlled electrical flow of energy is from the magnetic dynamo in the center of the earth. This continuous flow of electrical energy maintains the earth to be a charged capacitor. It powers the potatoes’ early growth before their leaves develop on the plants.

The second well-controlled electrical flow is from the sun. It is picked up by the leaves of the potatoes and is the major source of power for the growth of the potatoes.

To obtain a good harvest of potatoes at the end of our short Alaskan growing season, it is very important to follow a well understood procedure with the seed potatoes, and how they are planted in the garden.

My Procedure:

1. Bring the seed potatoes to room temperature during the month of April and let the sprouts on the potatoes grow freely.

2. Plan your garden rows on a North – South direction in your garden with an old car or truck at the north end of the rows. This provides a good path for magnetic dynamo flow.

3. Plant the potatoes with a 4″ nail with a wire attached over each potato, to act as an antenna picking up the magnetic flow.

4. Be sure to keep up with your watering regularly. This will provide a constant power flow from the atmosphere until harvest.

A home video documenting the process:

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Don Couillard is a longtime Alaskan, spending his summers in his cabin on Dignlishna Hill near Alexander Creek.

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