Mead Treadwell Considering U.S. Senate Run

U.S. Senator Mark Begich is shrugging off Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell’s announcement he may run against the incumbent in two years.

Lieutenant Governor Treadwell said last week he’s considering forming an exploratory committee. That’s the first step to officially entering a race. It gives him a chance to feel out public opinion and see which donors are willing to come forward.

Senator Begich says he expects others to run in a primary, like former candidate Joe Miller and former Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman.

“Whoever runs, runs and I don’t ever worry about that. I’ve had times with one opponent, I’ve had as many 13 for different offices. We’ll focus on our issues. We’ll focus on our record. Two years from now, we’ll see who wins,” Begich said.

A GOP primary would benefit Senator Begich.  He says it seems early for candidates to announce for an election years off.

It will be hard for the eventual Republican candidate to compete with Senator Begich’s fundraising. His campaign committee already has more than $600,000 cash on hand.

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