Food Blogger Heidi Drygas

On this edition of Town Square 49 radio, we’re making gourmet scrambled eggs with Heidi Drygas, an Anchorage food blogger.

Drygas is an attorney by day, and a cook the rest of the time. She really, really loves food. While her love for food seems to have always been there, her love for cooking came later in life, while she was in law school.

Eventually she started getting bolder with her recipes. Her diligance paid off when one evening she brought a creamy tomato soup to a dinner party, the soup that would eventually become her first blog entry.

Since then she has posted about 30 recipes on her blog, including some uniquely Alaskan ones like moose chili and rhubarb crisp. Drygas blogs about food mostly for fun, and keeping in touch with family. She isn’t expecting fame any time soon.

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