Hoonah Man's Sentencing Delayed Until April

John Marvin Junior's sentencing has been moved to early April.

The Hoonah man, convicted last November of killing two police officers, was to be sentenced Feb. 1. A presentence report was due late last month, but it hasn't even been drafted yet.

Sitka Superior Court Judge David George acknowledged Tuesday that he made a verbal request of the Probation Department for a report on Marvin. But a written order was never issued.

It normally takes at least 60 days to draft such a report.

Meanwhile, Judge George says he's preparing to issue a decision on a motion for a new trial. Marvin's defense attorney wants a trial to determine whether Sergeant Anthony Wallace was actually in the performance of his official duties during the August 2010 shooting. Wallace was in uniform and on patrol in a department vehicle while Matthew Tokuoka was off-duty and not in uniform.