Bingo! Eating Spicy Food for Points

Food Mosaic BingoThis week on Townsquare 49 Radio, we go on a scavenger hunt. The group Anchorage Food Mosaic recently posted one on the Townsquare 49 blog. The task is simple, complete 5 of the food themed challenges on the scavenger hunt grid to make a straight line, just like in bingo.

Kate Powers is a contributor for the Anchorage Food Mosaic, and came up with the idea.

“I’ve always wanted to do a scavenger hunt. It’s hard in the winter, so I thought it might be easier if we gave people a set amount of time to find different things, or make different things, or try something new they’ve never done before.”

The sheet has a wide range of choices; from “Eat lunch at a food truck,” to “Learn about Alaska’s hunting and fishing regulations.”

“The main goal is for people to really explore their community through food. If they’re going to a new restaurant or a new small grocery story they’ve never been to, we’re really excited about that. Also with “Learning about hunting and fishing regulations,” that’s a really big part of Alaskans lives, so just having a deeper understanding of that.”

The point is to be rewarded by the adventure of the hunt, but for those looking for something more of the substance variety, there will be a prize pool for the people who e-mail pictures of their scavenger hunt accomplishments.

“One of the coolest prizes, if not the coolest, is the Anchorage Food Mosaic favorite things basket. So everyone who is a contributor will give something they cook with or some ingredient they always use, so that will be an incentive to explore other dishes.”

Time for my hunt. I mapped out my line of choice and began with the easiest square, “Eat something spicy.” And for that, I hit up my favorite wing joint. Next I killed two birds with one stone. My “Cook a new vegetarian dish square” and my “Make a one pot meal” squares both got marked off with a tofu curry recipe.

Groceries from New Sagaya

Utilizing the free space in the center of the sheet left me with just one square, “Visit an international grocer.” I swung by New Sagaya in Midtown and asked one of their employees Aaron for some help. We couldn’t find any fresh pork but we did find some sealed, and it was from Hawaii.

Bingo achieved! I have to say, it was a lot of fun. I was able to mix some things I already liked about food, while still coming up with a couple of new and creative ideas. And that’s something that Kate Powers says anybody can be excited about.

“I think that there is a sense that people that really care about their food, there’s this idea like it’s an elitist thing. But I think it should be the opposite of that. I think that policy should be in place so everyone has access to food that’s healthy and produced in an ethical way.”

And that’s all for Townsquare 49 radio this week. For more stories about our community, or to find out how to become a community contributor, check out the Town Square 49 blog.

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