The Reagan Presidency: Part 2

Photo courtesy of Iowa Public Television.
Photo courtesy of Iowa Public Television.

Few decades in American history rival the tumultuous 1980s.  As Ronald Reagan entered office, unemployment was high.  Interest rates were skyrocketing and the nation was  plunging into recession.  The Cold War was escalating as both Soviet and American leaders fired heated rhetoric from behind their podiums of power.

The Reagan Presidency offers the most in-depth and entertaining chronicle of the  presidency ever produced for broadcast television.  This fast-paced, provocative analysis discusses the impact of supply side economics, tax decreases and tax increases, deficit spending and immigration reform.  A generation of study reveals surprising new insights into the role Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev played in ending the Cold War … and the long-term implications of Reagan administration decisions in Central America, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iran.

As the President made his historic plea to Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, the administration was also embroiled in the Iran Contra Affair – a provocative crisis with major implications for Reagan’s presidency.

Few Americans have had a greater impact on government than Ronald Reagan.  In an unbiased approach featuring noted historians, policy experts and leaders from both major political parties, The Reagan Presidency tells the story

  • TV: Thursday, 1/17 at 9:00pm
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