Senator Murkowski Outlines Off Shore Revenue Sharing Plan

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski says she’ll soon introduce a revenue sharing bill for off-shore energy production.

Speaking to the Alaska state legislature this morning, Murkowski said she’s still working out final details of the bill with Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu.

“We realize that an Alaska only bill isn’t going to pass Congress. What we wanted to do was focus on the national prospective. What our legislation will do is direct 27.5% of the revenues from all forms of off shore energy production to our coastal states.”

She says the plan goes beyond offshore oil and gas projects. And that could help sway skeptical lawmakers in Washington.

“If you have offshore wind, if you have ocean energy, these would also be part of a revenue sharing proposal. We offer an additional ten percent of revenues if states establish funds for clean energy and conservation projects.”

Her plan, as she outlined today, differs from other revenue-sharing bills.

Senator Mark Begich introduced his own earlier this month that would give the state 37 and a half percent of off-shore oil and gas revenues.

Murkowski says if the plan were implemented, it could lead to billions of dollars in new revenue for the state.

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