Kodiak Rapper Releases Debut LP

I knew I had an interest in music very early on in my life. I liked writing as a child, and that paired with my fascination with drumming led to rap music. I liked the way I could flow to rhythms and something about rapping just seemed to come naturally to me. At age ten I was writing my own songs.

By middle school I was composing my own beats, using my drum set and beat making machines on my computer. Once in high school, I started to find outlets for my music to make a name for myself. I utilized YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitter to create a following.

I like to write about my experience fishing and other things that Alaskans can relate to. As of March 1, 2013, I have finally released my debut LP “Paper and Crayons” featuring production by myself as well as my friend El-Jay. Next year I plan to move to Southern California where I will attend college and continue making music. Although I will no longer be living in Alaska, I will continue to fish in the summers and make music inspired by my unique upbringing in Kodiak.