Sled Dog Death in Unalakleet will be Investigated

An Iditarod Sled Dog described as “otherwise healthy” has died in Unalakleet.

Race Marshal Mark Nordman said in a news release that the 5-year-old male dog named Dorado was from 38-year-old Fairbanks rookie musher Paige Drobny’s team. The dog had been dropped Monday in Unalakleet and was awaiting transport back to Anchorage when it was found dead this (Friday) morning.

Dogs that are tired, sick, injured or not keeping up are dropped at race checkpoints, where they are tended to until they can be flown to Anchorage.

Nordman said the dog died as the result of an “incident caused by high winds and drifting snow.” He said the weather had delayed efforts to get dropped dogs flown to Anchorage.

Race spokeswoman Erin McLarnon said the dog was found in snow.|

A necropsy was being done to determine the cause of death.