Begich Furloughs Staff, Will Return Fraction of Pay

It’s not uncommon for federal officials to donate some money to the general coffer. Today, President Barack Obama announced he’ll return five percent of his $400 thousand annual pay.

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Staffers at the office of the Secretary of the Senate say the gesture happens every year.

Senator Begich’s office is not saying precisely how much it will return just yet.

The senator is forcing more than half his staff to take furloughs. His spokesperson says the amount Senator Begich returns will be calculated from the money saved from those furloughs.

If one employee loses five days, Senator Begich will return five days of his salary.

Begich’s Congressional office was allotted more than $3 million dollars last fiscal year, with most going to salary.  The second biggest line item was travel expenses. Official travel is covered.

Senate financial disclosure forms show Senator Begich could be worth as much as $3 million dollars.