Love Your Local Library

Photo Courtesy of the Alaska Library Association.
Photo Courtesy of the Alaska Library Association.

The library is a wonderful amazing place that offers programs from tots to adults all under one roof! It’s a great place to find books on almost every imaginable topic and open your imagination to magical worlds. There are many different reasons to visit the library. Here are just a few reasons to love your local library.

1. You can read books FOR FREE! Yes, it may cost you a minimal fee to get your library card if your are not an Alaskan resident ($90 a year) but it’s way cheaper to borrow books than to buy or download them.

2. You will have access to great materials. More than just books, the library has a plethora of materials for you to explore and use. Lap-Sit bags, Book Club bags, Ready To Read Resource Center Tubs in addition to old magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books.

3. Have you seen the price of movies! At most libraries you can borrow movies. In Anchorage up to 5 DVDs and 5 VHS at a time for up to 1 week. Watch those movies before you decide they need to be added to your home collection.

4. Get out and meet someone. The library is great place to meet people who share your passion for books. Join the Teen Underground, Teen Underground Video Club, meet for gaming, children’s story-times or meet other parent’s just like you!

5. Participate in Library events. Check out your libraries calendar. Attend a lecture, watch a movie with the family, take your younger children to story time and your teen to make movies or play video games. There are so many events and activities at your local library that you might enjoy.

BONUS : At the library there are many comfy quiet places to enjoy a few moments of peace!

We have even taken some time and linked you to the libraries in our area. Click on any of the link’s below and check out their calendar.

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