Summer Camp Planning for Kids

hoonah camp 2012_AB Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of Alaska camp in Hoonah, Alaska. Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of Alaska.
Nunapitchuk 2012_AB Girl Scouts
Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of Alaska.

The fondest dream of many parents is for our children to love the outdoors as much as we do. Summer is the time for that to happen, but how do you get them off the couch and outside when you’re away at work? On this edition of Outdoor Explorer, the topic is outdoors summer camps. We’ll talk about camp options, and also how to make sure it’s a positive and inspiring experience, even for shy indoor kids.What do you look for in a camp for your kids?

Photo courtesy Erin Kirkland,

HOST: Charles Wohlforth


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glacier kids_TB
Photo courtesy Trailside Discovery camp.

Photo courtesy Girl Scouts of Alaska.
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