Business of Clean Energy Conference Begins

It’s a busy week for energy issues in Alaska.  Today (Thursday) “The Business of Clean Energy” conference opens at the Denina Convention Center in Anchorage.  It follows the Rural Energy Conference that wrapped
up yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel and involves some of the same participants – rural utility managers looking for ways to save on power generation costs through renewable energy sources and conservation.

This second conference is sponsored by the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, or REAP, and concentrates on the nuts and bolts of what works and who is making it work – whether it’s new technology, improving designs of older technology, or the most effective cost saving of all — simply using less energy.  REAP Executive Director Chris Rose points to the Home Weatherization and Home Energy Rebate programs run by the State of
Alaska as big success stories, now saving Alaska home owners some 37 million dollars a year.

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