Angry Young and Poor Music Festival

Angry Young and Poor is a music festival held every second weekend in July in the beautiful Ester Community Park, just five miles outside of Fairbanks. We have live music for 12 hours, interspersed with dancing, art and community.

Any money that isn’t used for the festival is donated to a local non-profit, with some of the past recipients being Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest (who we gave over $2000 to last year!), Literacy Council of Alaska, the Ester Community Association, and Street Outreach and Advocacy Program (SOAP) for homeless youth.

We start our “Disorganizer” meetings in January, and throw a series of fund raisers to raise money. This year, we had a Doctor Who Winter Informal, our annual Singer Songwriter Night, a Spots Vs. Stripes part at the UAF Pub, the Fear and Loathing in Fairbanks: A Gonzo Prom, and the Hot Mess Burlesque: A Sexy Show.

We also for the first time are doing an Indiegogo campaign which is going extremely well!

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