Hundreds Being Evacuated Near Stuart Creek 2 Wildfire

Fire officials have issued an evacuation order for people who live near the 63-square-mile Stuart Creek 2 wildfire in central Alaska.

Fire spokesman Marc Hollen says more than 1,200 people live in the area, but officials are not sure how many are in residence at this time. The area includes vacation homes, as well as permanent residents.

An estimated 750 homes are at risk from the fire.

The evacuation order was issued around 1 p.m. Sunday for residents and businesses of Two Rivers and Pleasant Valley.

Hollen says the evacuation is not mandatory, but people are being strongly encouraged to leave because their presence makes it more difficult for firefighters. He says people who stay could be in danger and put firefighters in danger when they are forced to protect them instead of fighting the fire.

Warm dry weather is hurting firefighting efforts.