Whittier Mayor Says He Lost Recall Election

The mayor of Whittier says he’s lost a recall election.

Mayor Lester Lunceford was being retained by a vote of 55-50 before 29 absentee and questioned ballots were counted Tuesday. Ballots were cast July 23.

Lunceford, in a statement, said he lost the election by 15 votes. The city hasn’t returned a message seeking confirmation.

Former council members petitioned for the recall, upset with the process over how a former city manager was replaced.

Lunceford says he was disappointed by the election but says he proud to have been part of Whittier’s growth. He maintains he did nothing wrong, and the allegations have no basis.

Lunceford has been on the council, serving as honorary mayor, for 11 years. Before that, he was a police chief and officer for five years.