Big Feat, Little Feat Creative Challenge

Big Feat Little Feet is back!
Pulse’s creative community challenge is about to drop, and you could win $300 cash + fun, fancy things. If you have artistic tendencies, visions of unicorns, love performing or simply want to explore what feats you’re capable of, don’t miss out on this adventure!

The Scoop:
– Meet at Studio Pulse on Saturday, September 14 at 7pm (2422 E. Tudor Rd. Anchorage, AK 99503).
– Receive three prompts, disclosed at the meeting.
– Take the week to create something performative using the meeting’s prompts as your inspiration.
– Premiere your NEW WORK in the UAA Dept of Theatre & Dance’s black box theatre on Saturday, September 21 at 7pm

The Deets:
– $20 registration fee due at Sep. 14 sign up.
– Participating groups can be any size – solos to large groups!
– This event is about all artists of all art forms! If you’re not a dancer, how else can you make the prompts work? (Last year featured comedians, musicians, and performance artists.)
– A panel of judges determines who used the prompts in the most ingenious fashion.
– There’s an audience favorite award as well!

Questions? Email to register.

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