Marian Call: Good Morning Moon

From video Producer, Pat Race:

The Good Morning Moon music video was an incredibly distributed and collaborative process, it spanned the world and then left it behind completely.

The project all started with Marian’s crowd funded European Tour last fall. I wanted an excuse to tag along for a few weeks so I grabbed my camera and agreed to make a music video. I did most of my filming at CERN in Switzerland but as soon as we got back and started editing it was obvious that we should stick with the space theme for the final piece so I ended up having to cut most of my own footage from the project.

All the amazing jumpsuit scenes were shot at Space Expo in the Netherlands where they have an International Space Station replica. I wasn’t able to make that leg of the trip but luckily we had help from Arjan Kroonen and his wife Marian De Kleermaeker. Arjan did an amazing job with the shoot and Marian coordinated the whole effort. They were fantastic to work with and we can’t thank them enough!

The space footage came from NASA archives and the time-lapse photography of Earth came from the International Space Station. The ISS images are available as high resolution photographs through “The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth“. I downloaded a few hundred thousand low resolution images and eventually narrowed my selection to about sixty gigabytes of my favorite time-lapse sequences from the past several missions.

As a publicly funded project, a lot of this amazing space footage is available in the public domain. We never would have been able to do something like this without such beautiful and historic work available. To me, this project really demonstrates the importance of vibrant public archives and how they can be used to share and expand on the original works.