300 Villages: Tyonek

This week, we’re heading to Tyonek, an Athabascan community on Cook Inlet across from Anchorage. Pauline Standifer works for the Native Village of Tyonek.

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“My name is Pauline Standifer and I work for the native village of Tyonek as an accounting clerk.

The community is a really good place to live because everyone sticks together.

Everyone in the summertime goes fishing and has barbeques. And in the winter they ride their snowmachines and go sledding, stuff like that; just positive, positive fun.

There’s a little store because people get stuff whenever they need it in Anchorage mainly because they’re not that far from Anchorage and it takes like 30 minutes to get over there.

Well, there’s the native village of Tyonek office, and then there’s the health department, there’s the post office and we’re actually building a clinic right now – a new clinic.

The scenery is so beautiful. In the summertime it’s beautiful, you see pretty skies, but right now gloomy and, you know, it’s fall, so it’s probably just like everywhere else.”