Lawmakers Host ‘Competitive Energy Roundtable’

State lawmakers and the Alaska Independent Power Producers Association plan to host a “Competitive Energy Roundtable” in Anchorage next week.

Senator Lesil McGuire will be hosting the discussion on Nov. 12.

The discussion will focus on identifying State statutes and regulations that create barriers to electrical competition while working to develop strategies make changes to those barriers in the public interest.

The panel will seek ways to improve in-state electrical competition, increase private investment into Alaska’s renewable energy sector, and lower electricity costs through open competition.

Participants will include private sector energy developers and Alaska Native corporations

McGuire says state policy advocates generating 50 percent of our electricity from renewables by 2025, but barriers to investment are holding that goal back.

In 2010, Sen. McGuire sponsored the Alaska Sustainable Energy Act, which was designed to encourage private investment and have Alaska Housing Finance Corporation develop and execute an energy efficiency program.

The roundtable will include Alaska’s leading wind, hydrokinetic, and hydropower developers and operators. Registration for the roundtable is free and open to the public.