Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits Coming To An End

The federal program extending unemployment benefits past the 26-week limit offered by the state will end on Dec. 28 unless Congress opts to extend it.

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Bill Kramer is the Chief of Unemployment Insurance for the State of Alaska. His department is working to get people back on their feet before the program closes for good.

“We’re trying to make sure that people hear about it and know about it and everybody who’s filing is getting the message about the end of it coming up and trying to encourage people to utilize the job centers or whatever resources they can to try and get back to work,” Kramer said. “Hopefully we can find work for most people so they can move on and get reemployed.”

Approximately 6,500 unemployed workers in Alaska are taking part in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program.

Kramer encourages those who are affected to look into alternate resources for household aid.

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