King Takes Iditarod Lead from Zirkle; Dallas Seavey Bolts into Third

Dallas Seavey – Photo by Patrick Yack – Alaska Public Media

Jeff King overtook Aliy Zirkle early Monday morning in the 2014 Iditarod. King took off from Elim about 1 a.m. and Zirkle, who had battled King and Martin Buser for the lead, left less than 10 minutes later.

Dallas Seavey, who won two years ago, jumped into third place and was out of Elim about 2:52 this morning. While Zirkle, and King had spent more than an hour in Elim, Seavey was in and out of the checkpoint in minutes.

As of early Monday morning, the leaders looked liked this:

King. Zirkle. Dallas Seavey.

Mitch Seavey had passed Buser. Sonny Lindner was racing right behind Buser.

All were out of Elim.