Rules for 2014 RUNNING – Primary Election

– Write-in candidates must show at least 5% standing in the polls to be included. The percentage would NOT include the margin of error in the poll. The poll must be done by a reputable pollster and presented to Alaska Public Media at least one week before the production – either the record date or the live date.

– If a candidate running in a contested race chooses not to take part, the other candidate or candidates in the party primary will be afforded the remaining time set aside for that program. For instance: If a format is to be 30 minutes and one candidate chooses not to participate, the remaining candidate or candidates will be still invited to participate in the 30-minute program.

– A candidate must appear on the ballot for a particular election. For example: Unaffiliated or other candidates not appearing on the primary ballot would not be invited to participate in the program featuring candidates on the primary ballot.

– However, unaffiliated or other candidates on the ballot for the general election would be invited to appear in the program featuring general election candidates.

– Appearance during the recording of the program constitutes agreement to appear on the broadcast program.

– Candidates may elect to have one member of his/her family or one member of his/her staff be seated in the studio during the recording of a program. There may be special recordings by other news media in which case the candidates will be informed of the rules.

– No one (candidate or guest) will be allowed to record or photograph the program while it is being recorded.

– Statements made during the recording are embargoed and may not be used by a candidate his/her staff, supporter or family, in any way.

– Alaska Public Media, however, may determine that contents of the program are newsworthy and may report the news in advance of the program’s broadcast date.

– Unopposed candidates typically will be given two (2) minutes to speak directly to voters. They must abide by the format of the recording or their segment will not be broadcast or posted online. This would include stating their names, parties and districts or seats. These segments may be broadcast and/or posted online.

These rules apply to candidates for Anchorage municipal races and candidates for the state legislature.  June-2014.


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