Fairbanks Rains Approach Record Levels

Scattered rain showers are in the Fairbanks area forecast, and any precipitation that falls will add to local totals that have Fairbanks on track to continue breaking wet weather records.

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The last rain event Monday, a thunderstorm that brought heavy downpours, boosted July precipitation even further above normal.

The National Weather Service reports that Monday’s thunderstorm dropped 1.13 inches at Fairbanks International where the agency takes its official measurements. Meteorologist Ryan Metzger says the rain moved Fairbanks up the list of Fairbanks rainiest Julys.

“So far for the month of July, we’ve had 4.49 inches, and that’s the fourth-highest amount on record for the month of July,” Metzger said. “The wettest, for reference, is 5.96 inches, and that was set in 2003.”

Metzger says Fairbanks normally receives 2.16 inches of rain in July. Fairbanks just logged its rainiest June, and the combined months of June and July have already bested the previous 2-month high mark. Metzger says there is a chance of breaking the June, July, August record as well.

“The record for summer season is 11.59 inches,” Metzger said. “So, right now, we’re sitting at 8.05 inches. So, we’d have to have a couple more big events for that to happen.”

Metzger says nothing like that is currently in the forecast.