Dubey, Hadley, Vazquez Win GOP House Bids

Tuesday’s Republican primary pushed three Anchorage candidates a little closer to Juneau.

Anand Dubey had a clear lead over challenger Mark Fagnani for the Republican candidacy for House District 21.

Dubey led the race early on, finishing with more than 60 percent of the vote. But the candidate was cautious in his comments Tuesday night.

“I feel exactly the way I felt,” Dubey said. “I ‘m just going to wait and see. So I’m just grateful to have this opportunity to run and to give people a choice. That’s the sense of our system here in America, that gives us liberty. So that’s what brings me joy. So it doesn’t matter if I win or lose.”

Dubey is self-employed as an IT consultant and says his understanding of emerging technologies will help him pare down the budget and consolidate government services.

Don Hadley bested challenger Kevin Kastner for the Republican nomination in House District 16. Hadley, who focused his campaign on educational issues, took 55 percent of the vote to Kastner’s almost 45 percent.

Liz Vazquez won the Republican nod for House District 22 with more than 52 percent of the vote. Challenger Sherri Jackson finished with 47 percent.

In other contested legislative races on Tuesday:

Senate District F.
Republicans. Bill Stoltze defeated DeLena Johnson.

House District 1.
Republicans. Gregory Bringhurst defeated Jomo Stewart..

House District 2.
Democrats. Larry Murakami defeated Uriah Nalikak.

House District 3.
Republicans. Tammie Wilson was ahead of Doug Isaacson.

House District 6.
Republicans. David Talerico defeated Thomas Dunning.

House District 9.
Republicans. Jim Colver defeated Eric Feige and George Rauscher.

House District 12.
Republicans. Cathy Tilton defeated Ron Arvin.

House District 32.
Republicans. Louise Stutes defeated Carol Austerman and Rich Walker.

House District 36.
Republicans. Chere Klein was ahead of Patti Mackey and Agnes Moran.

House District 40.
Democrats. Benjamin Nageak was ahead of Dean Westlake.